07-22-2021 | Ashley Shew

Player Spotlight: Almxnd

kittr welcomes Almxnd to the roster!

We're so excited have on perhaps the most prolific Call of Duty Warzone player to date, Mr. Almxnd himself! This man has been absolutely tearing up the Warzone scene ever since he and Tommey duo'ed up to create a dynamic pairing that has won a ton of money of the course of the past six months. Let's do an all-around for Almxnd and make sure that we turn him into your new favorite player.

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By birth, Almxnd's name is actually Ben. And, truthfully, everyone around Almxnd from his teammates to his gaming friends to his chat usually does call him Ben. As a member of the Minnesota ROKKR organization, Almxnd has proven himself as both a content creator and a competitive player. Not much else is known about Almxnd - but we're willing to bet that this low-key personality wants to keep it that way.

What's in a Name?

According to the !name command in Almxnd's Twitch stream chat, the origin of this nut based name is pretty simple. Back in the days of XBOX 360, you could end up with a randomly generated name that was an adjective, a noun, and a number. For Ben, apparently he was assigned "CaramelAlmond12." As he continued to game, the name grew onto him and he has used it ever since.

Stream History

Checking back on Almxnd's stream history, it looks like his first Twitch Stream occurred way back in March of 2018 and, for quite some time, his audience was intermittent at best. However, after nearly two years, somewhere in the middle part of 2020 Almxnd began to see his viewership grow. With intermittent and dramatic spikes, his viewership hung in the hundreds - until 2021. As we'll cover later, the competitive Warzone scene started to pay dividends for Almxnd, both directly in monetary winnings and in the form of stream growth. Today, Almxnd draws a strong and consistent crowd that marvels at his play around Verdansk.

Play Style

Almxnd's play style is extremely unique in that it is completely about taking great reads, applying great aim, and dicing up full teams of four without even having his plates ripped off almost all of the time. While Ben possesses extraordinary aiming ability, his gameplay is really marked by a fascinating ability to understand his surroundings, where enemy players are, where enemy players are going to go, and how he can take of advantage of every minute detail about the game. Whether it be understanding how to use a Semtex at a key moment to completely turn the tide of a battle or repositioning at the exactly right moment, Almxnd can almost always be counted on to make high percentage plays.

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Tournament Winnings

Through the course of 2020 and 2021, it has almost been easier to find Almxnd in first place at the end of a tourney than not. To put a number to it, Ben has won 29 of the 59 tournaments that we could find that he has participated in. That is dominance.

Let's look at some details on some of his top performances:

  • JGOD's Call of Duty Warzone Tournament (1st Place)

On 6/26/2021, with his duo Tommey, Almxnd took home top honors in a star-studded lineup that included all of the top pros in Warzone. At the end of this tourney which featured a $40,000 prize pool, the duo brought home a purse of $10,000. All in a day's work for this pair.

  • Atlanta FaZe UMG Champions Warzone Series 2021 (1st Place)

Hey, look it's Tommey and Almxnd winning again! Be prepared to hear more of that as you keep reading. In this tournament, a $25,000 prize pool netted this winning duo $7,500 on 6/25/2021. An astute reader would notice that that is literally the day before the JGOD tourney we mentioned above! Okay, then all in TWO day's work for this duo.

  • Jack Link's Warzone Invitational (Week 2) (1st Place)

This beef jerky based brawl featured some seriously deep talent throughout the field - but here we find Almxnd on top with his teammate, Tommey, once again. The prize pool for this weekend tourney amounted to $30,000, leaving $7,500 for Almxnd and Tommey to snag as the winner's of this tournament.

  • Jack Link's Warzone Invitational (Week 3) (1st Place)

Wow, these guys must really love beef jerky! Or, maybe they just like Warzone and are really good at it. You decide. Similar to the week prior, Tommey and Almxnd obliterated the competition to earn themselves a purse of $7,500 to split between the two of them. I wonder if they bought any Jack Link's beef jerky with some of these winnings.