07-23-2021 | Anthony Shew

Weapon Spotlight: XM4

You are probably well acquainted with the M4 as a tried and true weapon throughout the history of Call of Duty. Buuuut have ya met the XM4?! This Assault Rifle is an extremely interesting Warzone option from the Cold War lineup. While the XM4 might not be the deadliest weapon in Verdansk right now, it is most certainly a perfectly viable option in the hands of a talented player.

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First, some quick history.

The XM4 made it into Verdansk by way of the collisions between Cold War and Modern Warfare. At that time, the meta had gotten thrown for a loop as a completely brand new set of had just entered the equation. As the meta began to emerge, many players began to opt for the XM4 as a submachine gun rather than a a rangier weapon that one would expect from an Assault Rifle.

It took quite a minute for players to figure out how they wanted to set up their XM4's, though. Different ways of setting up the XM4 were seen all across different play styles as the XM4 continually tried to find a place as a dominant weapon in a certain use case as many weapons do in Warzone. However, the XM4 continued to prove itself time and time again as a great all-arounder that could get used in many different ways around Verdansk.

Unlock Criteria

Hey, look, it's a freebie! The XM4 is available just by turning the game on. Can't argue with that! You will still have to unlock all of the attachments that you desire - but at least you have a great base to start with.

Break It Down

  • Damage

Let's dive right in. The damage on the XM4 is, while not the best in the game, still exquisite. Time to kills for the XM4 look like 666 for shots to the chest and 416 for shots to the head. Quite a nice reward for rocking the melon! It's also worthy of note that 9 shots will earn a kill into the chest while 6 shots will lay your enemy down if they are to the head. Comparing against other assault rifles, this damage profile is more than worthy of earning the XM4 its way into a few of your loadouts.

  • Control

As far as controlling the recoil on the XM4 goes, this is where things can start to get a little dicey. We want to start this off by saying that the recoil pattern on the XM4 is plenty manageable, especially with the right attachments. However, it is quite different compared to most other weapons. The XM4 has an extremely twitchy, side-to-side, back-and-forth sort of pattern that can be jarring at first. However, once you get used to the initial oddities of this recoil, you'll find that you can control this weapon quite easily.

  • Fire Rate

The fire rate for the XM4 is nothing exceptional but also doesn't leave anything to be desired. The rounds per minute is high enough that a player can expect more than reasonable damage output but not so ridiculous that the gun starts to feel like a submachine gun. Additionally, the fire rate is fast enough to let a player recover from errors in aiming quickly enough that they should be able to still manage a kill if they fall behind in their gunfight.

  • Range

The range of the XM4 can be somewhat questionable at times. Because of the awkwardness of the recoil, it can be difficult to impossible to hit shots at range with this weapon. Attachments can be assigned that mitigate this recoil effect, certainly. However, these attachments then dumb down the true strengths of this gun as a high-mobility, short range gunner. When it comes to the XM4 at ranges beyond 50m, you're mostly taking your chances on whether or not you're going to be able to get what you want done.

  • Mobility

Here is where the XM4 truly makes itself known as a great option for close range encounters. The XM4 has impeccable mobility for an assault rifle such that it almost feels like a submachine gun at times. With such a high mobility rating, the XM4 can be a really fun choice for ripping around those tight quarters engagements. The rest of this gun's profile makes for a nice contender for a switch-up from your usual submachine gun of choice.

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Let's Talk Attachments

As far as attachments go, you can check out our roster of Warzone players to find out what the best Warzone fighters are using.

True to the submachine gunning ways of the XM4, the players of the kittr roster set up their weapon for short range encounters. First, the Agency Suppressor of course needs to be applied. After that, we're seeing the Tiger Team Spotlight as pretty much a given for nearly every player. After that, we usually see the STANAG 60 RND magazine being used although some players opt for the 45 round magazine. As far as barrels go, the 13.7" Extended seems to be the choice for most of our players and the stock of choice appears to be the Raider Pad. Altogether, all of these attachments serve to make the mobility of this weapon even better while helping to bring the patchy recoil of the weapon back down to Earth.

Wrap It Up

The XM4 is fun. We're just going to put it that way. For some players, they'll have a hard time seeing through the iron sights of this gun so a Red Dot Sight will be needed. However, once you've got your setup figured out, the mobility of the XM4 along with its damage output capabilities make it an extremely entertaining option for running around in Verdansk like a maniac. With the XM4 vying for putting your favorite submachine gun out of commission, will you end up making a switch?