07-29-2021 | Anthony Shew

Tourney Wrap: Sadie Hawkins #3

Sadie Hawkins Dance! In our kahki pants! There's nothing betterrrr! Oh, oh, oh!

Now that that's over with, let's have a chat about the third edition of the Sadie Hawkins Tournament put on and organized by eFuse Sports. For this tournament, similar to a high school Sadie Hawkins Dance, players were organized into teams by the players themselves. Female players were assigned with tracking down a male teammate to play the tournament, creating teams of male-female duos that were sure to slay out for a few hours on 7/29/2021. Let's see how things shook out.

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Surveying the Field

16 teams made up this Verdansk romp around session, showcasing some seriously star-studded talent. Here are the teams that made up the field:

  • Queenluvscake & GooeyGuy
  • QueenShadows & RussDaddy
  • Kalei & Exzachtt
  • Swiphey & zColorss
  • ntShay & Almxnd
  • Flvnks & LouisCM_
  • BrittneyRaines & Tommey
  • Slayerbritt & Flxnked
  • SenseiSwishEm & Intechs
  • TheDanDangler & OP Marked
  • Colliena & Kidkeater
  • XundaeTV & Nickool
  • Misssweets & Aydan
  • KaylaDelancey & Zerby
  • Bossladylilly & Script
  • Smixie & Newbz

The Format

The format for this tournament started out as a series of three where the winner of two maps moves on to the next round. These maps were played as 2v2 kill races where players were active on the same iteration of Verdansk. This is pretty much the standard format for competitive Warzone these days as players and viewers alike find that this format culminates in a fair and exciting tournament. This tournament did lack a Loser's Bracket, though, which is something we are accustomed to seeing in a Warzone tournament. But, anyhow, something interesting happened about halfway through the tournament...

The format changed. Why you ask? Well, the original set of rules included resets for when tourney players encountered hackers. However, as it turned out, there are currently so many hackers in the game that this set of rules couldn't work for how much the players were getting hacked on. As a matter of fact, in one series, there were 11 resets because of deaths to hackers. That's right. In three games, the tourney players ran into at least 11 hackers. Wow.

Because of the games simply couldn't go on like this, the format changed to most amount of kills over the course of two games no matter what. This meant that if anyone got hacked on, they would have to just sort of grin and bear it. Unfortunate? Yes. Necessary? Yeah, we would have to say so.

Moving Through the Bracket

Taking a quick look around the bracket at the teams, many of the expectations for this tournament that we had were fulfilled. The women's side of these duos played a sort of support role as many of these pairings featured a professional, tourney-hardened player on the male side. We're talking about Almxnd, Flxnked, Intechs, Newbz, and zColorss. The further along that you go down the bracket the more it would seem that the higher the skill of the pro on the team, the further along these teams could manage to get. Quick note: A hacker brought the end to one of the

One team that we vastly underestimated in this tourney turned out to be XundaeTV & Nickool. We were really excited to see some fresh faces moving through the bracket...and even make it to the finals!

Finals Recap

To the finals! Squaring off with Swiphey & zColorss we find XundaeTV & Nickool for the grand prize of $3,000. Let's see how it went! Remember that the rules for this series are now that the most amount of kills after two games is the winner.

  • Game 1

Game one looked promising as both teams dropped in and snatched up a few kills with no early mishaps. After collecting some kills, both teams proceeded to grab the loadouts cleanly. Sporting a C58 and PPsh-41, zColorrs ended up having a scary moment (after collecting a 4-6 kills) with a rotation out of what the pros call "Wager Houses." Running completely out in the open with the gas at his back, zColorss got knocked by a team holding him into the gas from Stadium, crawled into a small ditch to self-revive, and managed to get back to his feet and put some plates on. Luckily, he had just earned himself the Durable Gas Mask off of one of the bodies of the players that he killed back in wager houses so he was able to make an extra-wide rotation to the fire station between Downtown and Stadium. There, he hopped into the Cargo Truck that spawns there and eventually made it into Downtown where he joined up with Swiphey.

With Zones 4 and 5 drawing into the area between Port and Farmland, both teams struggled to gain a solid foothold on the kill race lead. Nickool got full killed in a house in Farmland, prompting zColorrs to aggressively dart over to where he died looking for kills. zColorss got killed in short order, was bought back to life by his teammate, landed on the loadout, and then died within the next 5 seconds, collecting no kills.

Nickool then exited the gulag with a late win and dove near his teammate XundaeTV. However, at this point, the zone was creeping into a very awkward position for all three of the reamaining tournaments players and they all ended up getting caught in some crossfire and dying.

At the end of Game 1, zColorss and Swiphey had earned themselves a 6 kill lead.

  • Game 2

To begin Game 2, both teams landed at hospital. Unfortunately for Nickool and XundaeTV, they both found themselves in the Gulag shortly after touching down on the Verdansk map. zColorss found himself in control of not one but two full health helicopters on the top of the hospital roof. He chose to toss one off the roof and allow it to ghost ride to its explosion so he could hop back into the remaining helicopter to find more opponents to eliminate.

Nickool and XundaeTV both won their Gulags and returned to Verdansk ready to go after landing on their Loadout Box. Having flown his helicopter a good portion of the way across the map, zColorss ended up in a tough spot in a battle with a full team of four and found himself in the gulag after dying in the large, blue warehouse south of TV station. He did, however, swiftly win his gulag in dramatic fashion, land on the same loadout that Nickool and XundaeTV had just visited, and immediately killed a player that found himself in a poor position on the TV Station Buy Station. At this point in time, zColorss and Swiphey had managed to pad their existing 6 kill lead with a bit larger of a lead.

Looking for a fight and getting won Nickool and XundaeTV made their way down to the Wager Houses where they found themselves in a bit of a pinch. Nickool got headshot sniped by an enemy player on what appeared to be a nearly impossible angle but XundaeTV was able to revive him almost on the spot. Then, with things starting to look on the up and up, the team discovered how exactly it was that Nickool got downed in such dramatic fashion. Their enemy was aimbotting. And now pushing them. And just like that, both members of the team were dead.

And just like that the tourney was over. That was...hmm. Unsatisfying.

At any rate, this made zColorss and Swiphey the winners of the tournament, taking home a purse of $3,000 to split between themselves.

Note: Bronze Matchup

In the bronze matchup, Smixie & Newbz snagged a 19-8 win over the duo of ntShay & Almxnd.

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