07-31-2021 | Ashley Shew

Tourney Wrap: $10,000 Dreamhack Beyond Proving Grounds

Competition time, baby! On 7/31/2021, a star studded cast of competitive Warzone gamers played an absolute marathon of a tournament that ended up having perhaps one of the most exciting finishes in all of competitive Warzone. Let's get around to this summary to find out just what happened!

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Surveying the Field

32 teams of high powered Call of Duty offense made up this tournament field. Here are your teams:

  • Bloo & itsEyeQew
  • ArcturiansMusic & ikesnasty
  • brittneyraines & Jukeyz
  • Xtreme & Bammo47
  • iSmixie & pickNICK
  • Rias_SZN & 7theABJ
  • Flxnked & Skullface49
  • blvksheepmusic & kismet6_
  • HusKerrs & newbz
  • OwningToaster & JAYSSSON
  • JerKy26 & ScummN
  • verdict & jomeoNruliet
  • lolKyleV & zepti_
  • SpiderTiff & revexi
  • KoPoTV & 1arsnl
  • MirreyTV & PandaTv
  • Tommey & Almxnd
  • piercesounds & Frozone
  • Intechs & zColorss
  • blakecissel & jorgenotgeorge17
  • execellentt & Lenun
  • coachzim & CleonTV
  • fifkullvizualz & itzwarsz
  • Ramzy2415 & zykarion
  • SkiezLive & stormbreaker
  • theLGX & KCMassive
  • BaezaElTurco & killshotcr
  • volcomttv & XtrajZ
  • pinayprincessa
  • SenseiSwishem & MuTeX
  • Mayappo & Ottereyes
  • Bobbyplays & DeiNomine

The Format

Players embarked on a 2v2 Quad Kill Race style tournament the likes of which we are accustomed to seeing in competitive Warzone. This tournament featured a Loser's Bracket, 1 tech error reset per team per game, hacker resets as approved by event staff, and sweet, sweet sabotage enabled.

Moving Through The Bracket

Going over the bracket, we see plenty of familiar names. HusKerrs & newbz made a deep run into the Winner's Bracket and were eliminated from the tourney in Round 5 of the Loser's Bracket. Mayappo and Ottereyes could be found in the semi-finals of the Winner's Bracket. Intechs & zColorss made a great run all the way up to Round 3 of the Loser's Bracket and JerKy26 & Scummn also found their way into Round 4 of the Loser's Bracket. fifkillvizualz & itzwarsz also could be found deep into the tournament, only being eliminated by Mayappo & Ottereyes in Round 6 of the Loser's Bracket. But after much sound and fury, only two teams remained at the end of it all...

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Finals Recap

Enter Flxnked & Skullface49 from the Winner's Bracket and Tommey & Almxnd coming up from the Loser's Bracket.

In this format, coming in from the Winner's Bracket carries the significant advantage of only needing to win one Best of 3 series. However, coming in from the lower Loser's Bracket means that you are facing an undefeated team - who needs to be disposed of by winning two straight series. Let's dive into Verdansk to find out how this marathon tourney ended with an exciting finish.

  • Game 1, Series 1

On drop, we find our players diving around trying to snatch up helicopters around the Verdansk map for maximum mobility. Tommey experience an early death at Military Base that made his instincts say "uh oh, that's a hacker." At this point, he contacted event staff with his "hacker clip" and let the admins deliberate over the death. While all of this was going on, at the close of Zone 1, scores were Skullface49 with 8, Flxnked with 9, Tommey with 3, and Almxnd with 4.

Soon after, Almxnd was sniped while standing on top of the large, blue warehouse at port - but quickly dispensed of his Gulag opponent in a Stoner matchup. After re-landing on the map at Promenade, Almxnd once again found himself another awkward position where he ended up being on the lesser end of a Gallo and found himself in Spectator Mode.

In the meantime, Skullface49 and Flxnked were spending time racking up kills and building an early lead with Skullface finding players in the hills above hospital and Flxnked cruising around Promenade picking some fights. Tommey managed to buy back Almxnd after a moment and the pair found themselves bopping around Verdansk in a helicopter once again.

As Skullface and Flxnked's lead continued to grow, they took a moment to pump each other up, noticing their 9 kill lead. Tommey found himself in Farmland picking a battle with a full team of four - who ended up eliminating him after Tommey managed to pick up a few kills from their squad.

With the game starting to look like a runaway win for Skullface and Flxnked, the pair noticed two teams of four fighting at Stadium and quickly made their way that direction to find some more kills.

However, things came to an abrupt halt as event staff notified all competitors that Tommey's first death had been ruled as a hacking situation. To the chagrin of Skullface and Flxnked, this Verdansk map was being reset to a 5-4 lead for Tommey and Almxnd.

  • Game 1 Reset, Series 1

With scores reset, the competitors found themselves back in the plane. Skullface49, Flxnked, and Almxnd dashed for a helicopter race at the "Ground War" building near Hangars - with Almxnd coming out in the driver's seat of the chopper. No quick kills were had by either team as Almxnd couldn't find anyone to chop up with his helicopter blades nor did Skullface and Flxnked find anyone to fight in Ground War.

Eventually, the first kill of the game was found by Skullface in the Police Station below Airport. Skullface49 and Flxnked again started off nicely as Skullface moved to Superstore to grab some kills and Flxnked won a sketchy 3v1 in what the comp players call "Wager Houses" near TV Station.

Around this time, Tommey ended up in the Gulag (where he shortly won) and Almxnd had somehow gone on a streak to snag a 10 kill total. Tommey and Almxnd quickly bought a Loadout Box at Factory - where Tommey promptly died once again. Meanwhile, Flxnked also found himself on the losing end of a gunfight and was sent to Gulag where he won a Crossbow duel. At this point, Skullface had just finished a team in the SOS buildings to put them only down by two kills total.

Flxnked, at this time, made a very smart move seeing Tommey in a battle with a full squad at Police Department in Airport. He snuck in a few moments after Tommey found himself in the thick of it with the opposing squad - where he was overwhelmed after a few moments. At this point, Flxnked rifled in to scoop up three of the four kills to close the gap and tie the game for the time being.

Both teams worked hard through the mid-game to gain an advantage - but the game was too close to call, even in the final moments. Eventually, both Skullface and Almxnd ended up on top of Train Station - but Almxnd got the best of these moments as he managed to slay out and earn his team a lead in the closing moments of the game.

At the end of Game 1, the score ended up Skullface49 with 24 kills, Flxnked with 10, Almxnd with 27, and Tommey with 19. That's a W for Tommey & Almxnd

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  • Game 2, Series 1

Two heli races to start this one off! Flxnked beat Tommey to the chopper at Boneyard and Almxnd won the race to the Hospital heli, splitting the two races. However, shortly after, Skullface, standing on top of the shorter Hospital buildings, managed to pick up a Stoner and destroy Almxnd's heli while it was sitting on top of the tallest Hospital building unmanned! High IQ!

Flxnked ended up the first player to visit the Gulag but quickly won a QBZ shootout to land back on the helicopter that he was still managing. Almxnd shortly after won a QBZ gulag of his own. Meanwhile, Tommey chased two players through a red door - and got killed for his greed. At the same time, on top of train, Skullface got gunned by an extremely high skill player that he was simply not expecting to have it like that.

Moving through the game, we find Tommey and Almxnd on top of Superstore together snatching up kills in every direction. Skullface and Flxnked also were picking up kills as they made their way through Boneyard. At the close of Zone 2, scores were Skullface: 4, Flxnked: 9, Almxnd: 12, Tommey: 11.

Eventually, Almxnd and Tommey found themselves with a 13 kill lead. Almxnd made several outstanding plays in a row to wipe a team in the apartment building to the south of Superstore while Skullface aggressively dove back onto a team that had just killed them - and wiped them clean. Skullface and Flxnked turned into killing machines on the top of Promenade but, unfortunately for them, it did not turn out to be enough to close a then 10 kill gap by the end of the game.

At the end of Game 2, the score was Skull: 19, Flxnked: 22, Almxnd: 28, Tommey: 27. That makes a map and series win for Tommey & Almxnd, forcing a brand new series for all the marbles.

  • Game 1, Series 2

Another helicopter race to the Boneyard spawn netted Flxnked a win over Tommey. The tide of war continued to turn against Tommey and Almxnd as Almxnd found himself in the Gulag almost immediately after landing. Skullface and Flxnked, both in helicopters at Hangars, threw a Loadout Box on top of a Hangar to grab their kits. In the meantime, Almxnd was returning from his Gulag and tried to steal the helicopter from Skullface. Unfortunately, though, he broke his ankles and died on the spot.

After a regain, everyone was back up and playing. Almxnd and Flxnked found themselves in the SOS buildings together - but Almxnd got the better of the situation wiping two teams - by himself. After Zone 1 scores were 16 for Skullface & Flxnked and 18 for Tommey & Almxnd.

After a handful of kills for Skullface & Flxnked, though, the lead had changed. Abruptly, both Tommey and Almxnd died, too! Game win for Skullface & Flxnked! Series advantage, Skullface & Flxnked!

  • Game 2, Series 2

With a possible closeout in their grasp, Skullface and Flxnked came out hot. Flxnked won the chopper race at Hospital and found his way into chopping up three enemies before every putting a foot down on the Verdansk map. Additionally, Skullface was cruising around Hangers with a helicopter of his own, padding his stats. At the close of Zone 1, Skullface and Flxnked were up 9 kills!

Thing began to look even worse for the prolific Tommey and Almxnd duo as both ended up in Gulag shortly into Zone 2. Though they won, Skullface beat a bounty for a kill or two, while Flxnked snuck out 3 kills on a team that was piled into a Cargo Truck. The last member of the team did manage to get the best of Flxnked though, sending him to Gulag where he promptly won a Ballistics Knife matchup.

By the end of Zone 3, we saw Skullface with 24 kills, Flxnked with 16, Tommey with 12, and Almxnd with 20. Flxnked, at this point, took a hard row by dying three tops nearly in succession, really dropping time when both he and his teammate could both be collecting kills. Somehow, with Zone 5 closing on the bottom corner of Bonyeard and the open fields beneath it, Tommey and Almxnd had closed what was once a double digit margin to just a deficit of two kills!

With the score tightened up, both teams found themselves duking it out with respective full teams. Tommey died, Almxnd finished up the crew they were battling, and Skullface & Flxnked got away from their battle cleanly. A quick score check...It's tied! And there's one enemy player left on the map!

Skullface & Flxnked, quickly realizing that they just needed this one kill to win the tournament, split up to try to find this last man out in the open. Almxnd raced around for high ground in the hills to try to get a better vantage point. Suddenly, Flxnked nearly runs into the player headfirst and takes him down!

Map win Skullface/Flxnked! Series win Skullface/Flxnked! Tournament win Skullface/Flxnked!

These two played an outstanding tournament together and we wouldn't be surprised to see them win more finals games. Taking home $4,000 for the top spot, these two are sure to be feeling good. The runner-up duo, Tommey and Almxnd, also took home some cash to the tune of $2,500.

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