08-02-2021 | Anthony Shew

Weapon Spotlight: Bullfrog

Did you know that there are only two animals on the Verdansk map? Can you name them?

Correct, the first animal is the one that you have that is an enemy flying in like eleven times. A seagull! Some think they provide nice ambience and realism. Some say they are just annoying.

Equally as controversial is the second animal in the Warzone lineup. The Bullfrog. Some believe it to be an excellent weapon that is fit for daily use. Some will give it one try and never touch it again.

Either way, the Bullfrog deserves an article so let's hop in.

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First, some quick history.

The Bullfrog is one of the newer additions to the Warzone game mode as it made its way into the game through the Cold War/Warzone mashup. As there were so many guns vying for attention at that time, the Bullfrog did not see much early usage in the Warzone meta.

A subsequent buff saw the Bullfrog rise in usage. Still, many players felt the early hangover effects of the "Bullfrog too weak" idea and the Bullfrog continued to be a weapon that had a cult-like following.

Then, something really weird happened. The Bullfrog experienced a rebalance a few patches ago that...well, no one can really make sense of. The overall damage for the weapon was brought downwards two points while the range was improved by 11%. Additionally its strafe speed was slightly improved - but not by much. Again, the Bullfrog found itself in a really odd spot as some considered this rebalancing to be a buff while others thought of this move as a nerf.

Unlock Criteria

In order for the Bullfrog to end up in your hands as a part of a loadout, all that you have to do is reach Level 43 on your player account. With a little bit of a play time to learn the ropes of the game, you'll end up gallivanting around Verdansk with your new amphibious friend in no time.

Break It Down

  • Damage

Jumping around to look at damage numbers of different Warzone submachine guns, a pretty bleak picture gets painted for the Bullfrog. Sitting at a 639 time to kill using 9 bullets for shots to the chest to earn a kill, this puts the weapon outside of what most players would consider "meta' worthiness. There are definitely several other SMGs that are much better in this department. However, for headshots, the Bullfrog sits at a much more attractive 399 time to kill using just 6 bullets. So, the reward for headshots with this weapon is HUGE.

  • Control

Controlling the Bullfrog isn't too much to complain about at all. Up close like a submachine gun is meant to be used, the recoil of the Bullfrog shouldn't be any problem for even an inexperienced player to handle. At moderate ranges, though, the Bullfrog's recoil pattern becomes a little more pronounced and could be cause for missing a few shots, costing a player their life.

  • Fire Rate

The fire rate is seriously slow for a submachine gun as far as the Bullfrog goes. The fire rate, among SMGS, of this weapon actually makes it second worst in this category, only besting the AK74u. Because of this, players must plan accordingly when they take their shots. Missing any shots with this gun could be a death sentence as your time to kill will increase wildly for every bullet that gets missed.

  • Range

The range of the Bullfrog is actually quite interesting. The recoil of the weapon is more than manageable, making this weapon viable at the furthest acceptable ranges for an SMG - sometimes even further depending on how good your aim can be. As we mentioned earlier, the most recent rebalance of the Bullfrog included a buff to the weapon's stat metrics, further enhancing this weapon's abilities.

  • Mobility

The mobility of the Bullfrog is really where it makes its money. Players who enjoy the Bullfrog point to its nearly best-in-class strafe speed as a serious strong suit of this weapon - and for good reason. The Bullfrog is tied for the second best movement in the game among SMGs, making it a serious contender for a daily driver as a secondary.

Let's Talk Attachments

enter image description here

As far as attachments go, you can check out our roster of Warzone players to find out what the best Warzone fighters are using.

Classes and kits for the Bullfrog appear to be a pretty uniform bunch. Of course, this is Warzone so we need to strap on a suppressor so we'll put on the GRU Suppressor first. Next, we'll move to the barrel where the whole of our players are utilizing the 7.4" Task Force to get the most out of this weapon. Next, a Tiger Team Spotlight is brought into the mix to maximize the mobility of the weapon, accentuating what most players are looking forward to the most out of their Bullfrog. The stock here furthers that goal through the use of the Spetsnaz PKM Stock. Last, the Bruiser Grip is brought in to complete the build. There you have it - the Bullfrog build of the pros!

Wrap It Up

Altogether, the Bullfrog is a sort of awkward weapon. Many have never really given the weapon a chance because of the performance of the weapon when it was first introduced to the loot pool. For many of those players, the Bullfrog just never really got a buff so dramatic that it deserved their love and affection. However, for those who have tried the gun and really gotten used to it, it has become a serious option for a daily driver that performs well in all sorts of situations. Ribbit.