08-06-2021 | Ashley Shew

Weapon Spotlight: AK-47 (CW)

You know it, you love it, it's the AK-47. While the AK-47 has been a part of Warzone for quite some time now, that was the Modern Warfare version of things. Now, it is time for the AK-47 to make a return - Cold War style. Known as a weapon that can pack a brilliant punch across many different Call of Duty Titles (and even other games and series), this weapon carries its legacy forward through Verdansk as a highly desirable option for doing big damage in the hands of a capable player.

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First, some quick history.

The Cold War AK-47 joined the Warzone lineup through the crash landing of the Cold War weaponry straight into Verdansk. Along with many other viable options, the AK found its way into ground loot early in the Cold War cycle. The AK that players would find off of their drops featured a Sniper Scope, among other less notable attachments, making it extremely hard to control at even the slightest of ranges given that the AK-47 has notably high vertical recoil. Because of this combination, many players got a very bad taste of what the AK-47 is like as a range weapon and wrote the gun off entirely as unusable.

However, lately, the CW AK-47 has begun to see a rise in popularity that is entirely different from these initial impressions. Most players are finding that the AK shines in situations where they weren't originally using it in that ground loot niche. Rather, when built correctly, the CW AK proves that it is a really formidable option as a close range gun to completely lay out enemy combatants in no time flat.

Unlock Criteria

Unlocking the Cold War AK-47 is about as easy as playing the game. Actually - well, it really is that easy. The CW AK is unlocked at Player Level 7, meaning that even playing one match of Warzone should get you the CW AK - unless you die within 5 minutes of landing and lose your gulag.

Break It Down

  • Damage

As with an AK-47 in most games, the damage of the CW AK is what makes it a stand out performer. The time to kill for shots to the chest is 600 using just 7 bullets. For headshots, the time to kill for this weapon is just 400 and only takes 5 rounds. Now, that sounds pretty good for an Assault Rifle, doesn't it? The even crazier part is that that competes with many of the submachine guns in the Warzone lineup. So, as always, the damage output of the AK-47 is great.

  • Control

Again, the CW AK-47 is in line with what one would expect out of an AK-47 in a video game. The massive damage output of this beast is mitigated by the recoil that it has to bring it back down to Earth. The CW AK has rather dramatic vertical recoil such that it is extremely difficult to control at most ranges, particularly if your target has nice cover. However, this recoil shouldn't prevent you from using this weapon inside of 20 meters - which is where you'll see most pros using this weapon.

  • Fire Rate

Here is a difficulty with the AK that many players have. It's fire rate is just really slow. So, when you are in a close quarters situation with this weapon, you quite honestly must hit every shot that you try for - which can be difficult given the recoil pattern. Missing even one shot can be the difference between winning and losing your gunfight since every round carries such a high damage potential - even though the next round won't be coming any time soon in terms of fire rates.

  • Range

The range as far as the damage output of the CW AK-47 is righteous. The AK carries its strength even at the furthest of ranges across Verdansk. However, the problem here goes back to the recoil patterning of this weapon. At range, the vertical recoil that a player will experience could make this gun difficult to use if they aren't a high skill player. However, given enough practice, this AK can be used at even the longest ranges.

  • Mobility

The mobility on the CW AK doesn't exactly speak to its close quarters brethren. Rightfully. most other close range guns are of the "submachine" variety. This means that they are going to be high mobility - which the CW AK does not possess much of. However, with the right attachments, a player can shore up this drawback to make it so that the gun has decent mobility enough to compete with an SMG.

Let's Talk Attachments

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As far as attachments go, you can check out our roster of Warzone players to find out what the best Warzone fighters are using.

To create their close-range weapon, most of our pros are going with a pretty exacted approach and attachment setup for the CW AK. First, they are putting on the Suppressor at the muzzle. Notice that this isn't the GRU Suppressor like you'll see on nearly ever other Assault Rifle because the Suppressor is better for aim down sight time! Next, we see the Tiger Team Spotlight in the Laser slot and the Underbarrel being assigned as the Bruiser Grip. To get in more shots, the 45 Rnd is always use in the Ammunition slot. Last, our players use the KGB Skeletal Stock to pronounce this weapon's mobility statistics and give it some extra wiggle. There, you've got your brand new close quarters CW AK!

Wrap It Up

For most games, using an AK-47 up close is a death sentence. You're probably not going to even think about it nor try it. However, here in Warzone, we go crazy. The CW AK-47 is a great option for those fights that are up close and personal if you are confident with your shot and want to use something that hits like a freight train. Now, use the loadout we told you, load up the game, and start slaying!