08-11-2021 | Anthony Shew

Player Spotlight: newbz

kittr welcomes newbz to the roster!

newbz was one of the first two players to EVER use kittr for creating and editing loadouts to share with his viewers. When he joined we were ECSTATIC as a couple of us here on stuff love newbz, his stream, and his community. Here, let's run through a quick article about him so that you can have a new favorite player, too.

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Born Edy Juan, newbz is an American streamer currently residing in his home country. In the past three years, newbz has bounced around between a number of different gaming organizations including OutCold Gaming, MHP Esports, Mazer Gaming, J4L Org, and Team Divine. Most recently, he was a part of Sicario Gaming but his contract with them has since lapsed, making newbz a free agent.

What's in a Name?

Well, as far as the "newbz" name goes, we don't have much to go on dipping back into Edy's history. In his early days, newbz used the name "YRNewbZ" on XBox Live. He also could be found using the name "TBE_Newbzz" on Playstation Network (and this is still his name on Twitter). It would seem that newbz continued the main part of his moniker up until today, refining things to how we know and love him: newbz.

Let it be known, though: Most of newbz's community tends to call him Edy. From his friends to his mods to his chat, he will typically go by Ed or Edy.

Stream History

Checking back through the history of newbz's Twitch stream, we see a long history of grinding that has now paid off. Since July 2017, newbz has been streaming to concurrent audiences of about 30 to 50 viewers with some moderate consistency. However, during 2020, it would appear that his stream exploded with the popularity of Warzone. Combining the fact that viewership for Warzone is huge and that newbz is really good at the game, this was only a matter of time.

Play Style

Profiling newbz's play style is as simple as this: aim, aim, aim. newbz isn't typically the flashiest player you are going to see whipping around Verdansk. That's not to say that he won't make some of the most absurdly good plays that you have ever seen (he will), though. But it is to say that he is a particularly excellent shot with any weapon that he picks up. He's a dangerous man, folks, even if he is holding the highest recoil floor loot you can name.

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Tournament Winnings

Over the course of the past year, newbz has won a number of large tournaments that have netted him a nice purse. Over the course of 48 tournaments, he has won $127,500 per data from

Let's look at some details on some of his top performances:

  • Nadeshot Warzone Invitational: 1st Place

At the beginning of the Warzone competitive scene, the duo to beat was very clearly HusKerrs and newbz. These two dominated the scene including a gigantic win in the Nadeshot Warzone Inivitional. On 5/18/2021, this duo scooped up $17,000 as their prize for coming in first place in a totally star-studded field that could have been anyone's game.

  • NYSL WarzoneMania

On 12/19/2021, newbz could be found teaming up with DougIsRaw and TeePee in a tournament put on by New York Subliners themselves. This trios tournament featured huge names from all across Verdansk and the competitive Call of Duty: Warzone lineup but, ultimately, they were all bested by newbz and company. Earning $50,000, this trio went home happy taking the top prize for the day.

  • Hugo Crypto Race

We don't see many of these on the Warzone scene but here it is: a solos tournament. Ah, and another thing you don't see too often: cryptocurrency for a prize? Even with the oddities, of this tournament, newbz came out as the leader of the pack, earning himself $10,000 worth of crypto monies. Other notable names were also found on the podium with Almond taking second place and Destroy placing third.