08-12-2021 | Ashley Shew

Weapon Spotlight: PPSh-41

During this Season 4 run, there has been a TON of discussion about choices for secondary weapons (and quite enough about primary weapons, too). In the midst of all of this chatter, the PPSh-41 (or PPSh, for short) found its way into the mix as an absolute favorite of some players - but also a totally hated choice by others. No matter where you stand on the PPSh, it is still more than deserving of a place in the meta as something you are either killing or getting killed with.

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First, some quick history.

As a late-comer to the Warzone-Black Ops combination, the PPSh-41 showed up on the scene at the beginning of Season 3 with a bang. Call of Duty players have already grown accustomed to selecting out the PPSh in previous Call of Duty titles as a dominant weapon in short-range encounters. Because of this familiarity, many players jumped at the chance to use a favorite from the past that could inspire some new gameplay to enjoy. But does the Warzone version of the PPSh-41 stack up to its predecessors?

Unlock Criteria

During Season 3, players could unlock this weapon by reaching Level 15 of the free version of the Battle Pass. However, since season 3 has ended a while ago now, players will have to complete a challenge to unlock the gun. The challenge, most easily completed in Plunder or Multiplayer, is: 3 kills immediately after sprinting in 15 different completed matches using SMGs. So get out there and get your running in, folks!

Break It Down

  • Damage

Almost instantly, players noticed the massive damage potential of the PPSh-41 at close ranges. Within 18 meters, the PPSh kills using just 10 bullets with a time to kill of just 595 with chest shots. At the same range, with shots to the head, the time to kill for this gun drops to just 463 using 8 rounds of ammunition. Within the SMG category, this is a pretty strong offering looking strictly at damage and time to kills. A good start, indeed.

  • Control

Within the SMG category, the PPSh is perhaps one of the least desirable options. The PPSh has a very strong recoil pattern that can make it quite difficult to use past even a middling range. Comparable to the Cold War MP5, this weapon is clearly meant for very close range engagements. However, equipping the correct attachments to the PPSh can mitigate this issue by quite a margin, bringing it back to a more manageable recoil profile.

  • Fire Rate

Jumping over to fire rates, the PPSh is a standout performer - even among strictly submachine guns that can be found in Warzone. With a fire rate registering in at 904, the PPSh comes in as the third fastest fire rate behind only the Fennec and the MAC-10. Coupled with its high damage output, this makes the PPSh-41 a lethal weapon in those close range engagements where high fire rates can be incredibly advantageous.

  • Range

Range is not of the PPSh's strong suits for a couple of reasons. First, the damage profile of this weapon sees a drop-off rather early, even for an SMG, making it weaker at even mid-range. Second, the combination of the recoil pattern and high fire rate that this weapon employs makes it very difficult to control beyond 20 meters. So, not only will your shots be difficult to hit, they also will not be as powerful as you are hoping for when you do hit those shots. High risk, little reward.

  • Mobility

Again, the PPSh does not register highly among SMGs in another category. The mobility of the PPSh leaves much to be desired as it shows up as the second to last worst mover of all of the SMGs in Warzone. Beating out only the MAC-10 using no attachments, the PPSh makes its profile quite clear here: I am not for running around doing quadruple bunny hops into triple slide cancels. I am for barrel stuffing your opponent and simply winning on damage.

Let's Talk Attachments

enter image description here

As far as attachments go, you can check out our roster of Warzone players to find out what the best Warzone fighters are using.

To create their close-range body slammer, players on kittr are showing a pretty wide variety of attachments for their builds. What we see most commonly, though, is a few standards. First, it is more common to use the Sound Suppressor over the Agency Suppressor with the PPSh as players aren't looking for that long-range potential. Next, the 15.7" Task Force Barrel is employed in an attempt to keep things a little steadier. A boost to mobility is brought in by using the Tiger Team Spotlight in the Laser slot while the Raider Stock is also employed for similar gains. Last, players sort of split themselves on how much ammo they want to have available with for the weapon. It appears to be more common to use the 55 Rnd Drum than the 71 Rnd to maintain nice aiming down sights time while still getting more ammo to work with. With all that said, be sure to play around with your PPSh to get it just right for your needs.

Wrap It Up

The PPSh-41 is a powerhouse in the Verdansk scene, to be sure. However, a player that is wielding this weapon does need to be mindful of the situations in which it will truly shine. In short range encounters, the PPSh can be nothing short of domminant. However, you won't want to do much dancing in these cases and you also won't want to try to use this weapon as a sniper support either. If you stay within our guidelines for how to use the PPSh, you're going to have a good time. But if you don' at your own risk.