What is kittr?

kittr is how you share your loadouts with your channel community. We saw that there wasn't really any great way for a channeler to share loadouts on Twitch - so we made one. There were ways, certainly...But no outstanding solution to this obviously common channel need.

How does it work?

A channeler or mod can make an account and pick out the games that will be found on channel. From there, you can make a bunch of kits (loadouts, setups, whatever you like to call them) and export the bot commands for those kits into your Twitch chat. The whole thing takes 20 minutes tops.

Now, the next time that someone types in your text command, they'll be given the link to kittr for that particular kit - or just the screen for everything if they are coming from !loadouts.

Why should I use kittr for my channel?

We truly believe that we are the best option for sharing loadouts/setups/customizations to your channel's audience. What we have looks and feels great, does its job (sharing info with your peeps), and can help your YouTube performance, too.

Comparing to other options that you may have for sharing your loadouts with your audience, we think we have easily the best option right here.

How could kittr help my YouTube views?

On our platform, you can embed your YouTube videos that go with a certain weapon or item. This way, we're putting your content front and center every time someone wants to find out about your kit. That's just one more opportunity that someone can press play. We also have an autoplay feature that can be enabled.

I'm a mod. Why would I want to use this?

As a mod, you have chat to contend with most of the time. That's probably enough of a job right there by itself. We want to make keeping a solid, accurate, beautiful set of commands for the channel's kits easy to handle.

On kittr, it can take about 15-20 minutes to set up a brand new profile. After that, making an edit to a command can take as little as 5 seconds of your time and 3 clicks with your pointer finger. Now get back over there and wrangle chat!

Why is this better than a Google Sheet?

Let's face it: Your Google Sheet is ugly and difficult for your users to read. Our opinion is that no matter how hard you try, you're not going to end up with something that looks better than our Kit Displayr.

On top of that, our platform is easier to create and edit than a Google Sheet. In a Google Sheet, you'll have to find the right cell to edit, type in your edit, make sure you have no typos, format it right, it's just a whole thing. But on kittr, you make two or three clicks and your edit is DONE. No mistakes, no worries.

Why is this better than just a text command?

Sure, you could just respond about the kit right there in chat with a text response to your command. But that's just so...boring, isn't it? And, on top of that, those text commands can really start piling up and clog up chat. Chat is a place for your community to interact, not read the same text commands all day!

Additionally, you're right back to the problem you had with a Google Sheet when you are working with plain text. Typos, formatting, sweating it out to make sure the info is correct. Let us handle that hard part!

Why is this better than just linking to my YouTube video?

Let's be honest. If someone requested your loadout kit, they probably just want to know about the attachments. They are already probably watching you use the setup right there on channel. If they ask for your kit, they probably just want to know. We've asked a lot, a lot, A LOT of viewers over time with this project and they all say the exact same thing: They hate it when the channeler links to a YouTube video for their loadout commands.

Let's do better than that by offering up your YouTube content in a more pleasant way. Embed your YouTube content on our platform and your viewers can watch it more passively as they take in more information about your kit. We actually think that you will end up with MORE youtube views if you link to us. Here's why.

Our analytics show that visitors to our site visit about 6-8 kits on average. So, if you've embedded your content, that's WAY more times that someone has your content in front of them - and they'll actually watch it if they want to watch it (better engagement metrics!). We also have an option to enable auto-playing if you prefer it.

How much does kittr cost to use?

It's free. We want to help channelers, not hurt them. Our goal is to help your channel get better, not reach in your wallet.